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Category Archives: Living in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – And If We Have Kids?

Apr 22, 2018
What Can We Do with the Kids? People who move to Puerto Vallarta sometimes worry about what they will do with their [more]
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Vallarta: Trick Or Treat

Apr 22, 2018
Halloween in Puerto Vallarta When we first began to visit Puerto Vallarta in the early-1980’s Halloween celebration [more]
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Vallarta: Safest City in Mexico!

Apr 21, 2018
Puerto Vallarta Safest City in Mexico! There are always concerns when one travels, regardless of the destination. W [more]
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Vallarta: 5 Must-Dos with Children

Apr 20, 2018
Five Must-Do’s When You Bring Your Children to Puerto Vallarta There are some incredibly fun things for kids to do [more]
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A Day at the Beach in Puerto Vallarta’...

Apr 19, 2018
A Day at the Beach in the Past For more than a hundred years, tourists have been making the journey to the beaches [more]
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What is a Mexican?

Apr 18, 2018
A young couple, we’ll call them Joe and Mary, decide to take one last vacation as a married couple before their fir [more]
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Wild Seniors In Puerto Vallarta

Apr 17, 2018
Many retirees come to Puerto Vallarta with no interest in the culture whatsoever. They are looking for sunshine, go [more]
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Independance Day In Puerto Vallarta

Apr 17, 2018
Independence Day in Mexico is traditionally celebrated on September 15, the eve of the actual event, just as most h [more]
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Welcome to the New Circus in Puerto Vallarta

Apr 16, 2018
Although the United States considers itself more progressive and civilized, when it comes to the treatment of show [more]
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